• Brom Skaldi

    Brom Skaldi

    Black eyed, wind-blown and "pleasantly unkempt" Vistani traveller. Brom is a former Lysandar (airship) privateer, storm caller, adventurer and rascal.
  • Honest Jim

    Honest Jim

    A Burly, Scar-Encrusted former Mafia Tough turned Adventurer with a Reputation for Dealing out the Brutal Truth
  • Memgum


    The cleanest Bugbear you are likely to meet, his vestments all in black and immaculate (for an adventurer.) Oddly, he appears to be unarmed...don't want to scare the civilized any more than he has to after all. Mwaaahahhhaaaa :)
  • Prax Valentine

    Prax Valentine

    The Omnipotence of the Dream
  • Raash Arkhosh

    Raash Arkhosh

    A paragon of good and champion of Dol Arrah, Raash lives to deliver succor to those who suffer, tocarry forth the light of truth and goodness to darkest and most evil places, and ultimately bring force of arms against all that is evil.