Honest Jim

A Burly, Scar-Encrusted former Mafia Tough turned Adventurer with a Reputation for Dealing out the Brutal Truth


Name: Honest Jim Race: Half-Orc (really more like 3/4’s Orc) Class: Rogue (MC Fighter, Death Dealer Paragon Path) Build: Cutthroat Rogue (Ruthless Ruffian) Gender: Male Alignment: Unaligned

Stats: STR: 19 CON: 15 DEX: 22 INT: 9 WIS: 11 CHA: 11 AC: 27 FORT: 23 REF: 28 WILL: 19 HP: 82 GP: 9000 (12th level appropriate) Equipment: Subtle Mace (lvl 13) Feytouched Drowmesh Leather Armor (lvl 12) Amulet of Protection (lvl 11) Cincture of the Dragon Spirit (lvl 6) Iron Armbands of Power (lvl 6) Total Item Levels=13+12+11+6+6=48

Bio Upbringing:

• What were the family’s circumstances like? Rich? Poor? Scholarly? Isolated? Pious? Political? Honest Jim was raised on the mean streets of a metropolis, escaping his orphanage at a young age and joining a gang of street urchins. As he got older, he and his gang gained notoriety and rose through the ranks of the underworld, and at the age of 16 he became a made-man for the Spurlo family. Under the employ of the mafia, Honest Jim was given the best training and became an infamous enforcer. He was never made an official family-member in the mafia, because of his half-breed lineage.

• How big is the family? The Spurlo family is quite extensive, split into several branches that work in different shady dealings throughout the underworld of the metropolis Honest Jim grew up in.

• How well does the character get along with his family? He gets along with them just fine. He’s hardly the man to banter niceties, and so he knows to keep himself out of the nicer and more formal occasions, but amongst the rougher members of the family he’s quite comfortable. There’s not much reason for the family to be gunning for him, and that’s probably better for them, too, since Honest Jim has a nasty temper and exhibits a mean streak a mile wide with those that betray him.

• How was the character educated? His teacher was a retired bandit the family sometimes employs to train their muscle. Unlike the usual toughs, Honest Jim got personal training of a very nasty sort over a long period of time. The bandit was quite notorious in his day, but has retired to a quieter life to live out his golden years and enjoy his plunder.

• What were the character’s friends like? Did the character get into much trouble? Very few of the urchins he grew up with are alive or around anymore, as the vast majority are either forgotten in prison or dead. A few of his friends managed to get out of the gutter and make decent livings for themselves as craftsmen or innkeepers, and a couple more work for either his family or another shady venture in the metropolis.

Adventures: 1. Write down the title and back cover blurb (a couple sentences at most) for your character’s fantasy novel. Don’t nail down all of the details of it yet. Title: Object Lessons in Respect and Obedience Backcover: Follow the tales of Honest Jim as he makes right of the world, reintroducing numerous foes to the concepts of proper respect and obedience with lessons they’ll not soon forget. With his magical blackened-iron rod in hand, watch as he tames the wildest monsters and cows the most unruly villains, putting them back in their place, just like they deserve. The world’s got it coming to them for sure, and Honest Jim’s just the man to mete out the brutal punishment.

Memgum met “Honest” Jim in a gambling hall where Avandra had led him to find an infidel (cheater.) Oddly, the cheater was never discovered and Memgum has a “feeling” about “Honest” Jim. Even if he is, Memgum is sure to find plenty of infidels who deserve Avandra’s wrath.

Avard wouldn’t exactly call it “cheating”...The odds are all on the house anyway. Avard met Honest Jim and Memgum at the end of a performance, and together they defeated some thieving ruffians in the city streets who had unchivalrous designs on a lady. They’ve traveled a bit together since, seeking stimulation of a type.

(Also, Michael has awful handwriting.)

ASPECTS: OLD SCHOOL DISCIPLINARIAN (he likes to teach people a lesson) DEFAULTS TO VIOLENCE (he doesn’t take no for an answer) GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER (he’s not housebroken)


Honest Jim

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