Barrier Peaks Revisited

This campaign uses the classic AD&D module “Expedition to the Barrier Peaks” as a starting point for a custom 4E adventure. There are sci-fi elements mixed in to the fantasy, and I will use some elements of the Amethyst system from Goodman Games to help flesh them out.

The adventure starts at low paragon (Level 12) and goes up from there. My current estimate is that this will run 6-8 sessions total, but I understand that stories expand to fill the available space and I will do my best to keep things restricted.

Some house rules—

We will be leveraging the Aspects/Fate Points system from Fate 3.0, an open-source RPG system. (I will explain what this means the first session).

In addition, I will institute the following house rule: If you miss with a daily power that DOES NOT have a miss effect, it will become available again after a short rest (because missing with a Daily sucks).

Barrier Peaks Revisited

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